We tried the thickest, messiest hot chocolate in London — here's what we thought

  • London shop sells super-chocolatey hot chocolate.
  • It’s decorated with three types of sauce: white, milk and dark chocolate.
  • The family recipe comes from Rome and goes back over 80 years.

Said Dal 1923, in London’s Soho, creates Instagram-worthy hot chocolates.

Each one starts with an overflow of white, milk, and dark chocolate drizzled around the rim of a cup.

The cup is filled with hot chocolate, made from melting a block of chocolate and adding milk mixture. The hot chocolate comes in three flavours: milk, dark and gianduia (hazelnut).

The recipe comes from its original shop in Rome, Italy. They now have two branches in London – on Broadwick Street and Rathbone Place.

The shop sells pralines and chocolate bars. It also covers cakes and strawberries in melted chocolate, for an extreme chocolaty experience.

Produced by Ju Shardlow

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