A longtime Victoria's Secret model told us her surprising diet philosophy

Ever wonder how a top model looks so good?

Lindsay Ellingson — who has walked in eight Victoria’s Secret runway shows  —  told Business Insider some of her secrets for maintaining a flawless look.

To start, she doesn’t believe in juice cleanses.

“I’ll incorporate juices into my daily routine, but I eat. I’ve never done that [a juice cleanse]. It’s too much for me. I have a really fast metabolism, luckily, so I don’t think I could do a weekly juice cleanse,” Ellingson said to Business Insider.

In fact, she doesn’t even diet.

“I don’t really believe in diets,” Ellingson said to Business Insider. “I believe in eating food that’s going to make you feel energised and make you feel good, and if you’re feeling that way, then you’re eating healthy foods. One of my go-tos is salmon with a kale salad and a sweet potato — so very hearty, energizing food — but it’s by no means a diet. It’s, you know, good for you.”

“I’m not perfect,” she admitted. “I indulge. Especially this time of year — pumpkin everything. I love pumpkin spice, pumpkin doughnuts — you know, you gotta enjoy your life, too.”

She also admitted that the Victoria’s Secret models eat pizza ever year after the big show. 

“Every year there is a pizza party,” Ellingson said. “It’s fun. We all get out of our party dresses, we get jeans on, t-shirts, and just dance and have pizza and just have the best time ever, because we all work so hard to get in the best shape of our lives. And that doesn’t necessarily mean slim — getting toned and curvy for me. I always wanted to get toned so that I have a beautiful hourglass shape so that [I] feel great and … sexy in lingerie … you want to set a good example when you’re out there in lingerie.”

Ellingson works out three times a week — every other day. She’s a member of Yoga 216, and she has been working out there for three years.

“I wasn’t really a yoga fan before,” she said, “because I hadn’t found the right studio. Yoga 216 is different because they have six people at a time in a class, so you get that extra attention — and the teachers, they align you properly so you don’t hurt yourself. It’s a powerful yoga — a powerful vinyasa — and most of the classes are heated to 90 degrees, so you’re getting a great detox as well … and it just tones your muscles beautifully and elongates them, so I love that.”


Still, even if Ellingson’s routine doesn’t seem intense, she — and other top models — are blessed with rare genes that very few have, and she knows that.

“Ed Razek — he’s the Chief Marketing Officer at Victoria’s Secret … that’s actually one of my favourite things, his pep talks before the show — he always makes the girls feel so special, and would tell us the odds of becoming an Angel are like one in a million or something,” she said. “And then the odds of doing the show eight, ten, fifteen times like some of the girls have done is even crazier.”

She also takes care of her skin, which makes sense, given that she’s now splitting her time between photo shoots and her position as co-founder/creative director of Wander Beauty, where she helps develop a line of natural beauty products for on-the-go women.

In addition to using Talika eye masks, rose oil, and rose water, Ellingson said she takes plenty of vitamins, drinks lots of green juices, and takes E3Live shots — primarily to keep her skin looking radiant.

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