We Swear This Image Will Fundamentally Change The Way You See The Monopoly Board


Walter Hickey / BI


Monopoly is one of the most classic, fundamentally American games. It’s about extorting your enemies for capitalist gain,  avoiding taxes, trying to keep out of  jail and — suspiciously — the banker usually wins.

Seriously, what’s more American than that?

Anyway, most people have a conceptualization of the board that actually puts them at a significant disadvantage during the course of the game. They play as if all spaces are created equal, and there’s only one direction of flow on the entire board. 

This is how most people see the Monopoly board, as a loop that you go round and round:



But as we talked about yesterday in our exploration of the maths behind Monopoly, that’s hardly the case. You’re more likely to land on some spaces than others.

You shouldn’t just be targeting [through trades and buys] the properties that are most expensive, you should be targeting the properties that get landed on most often, the properties that will return your investment most significantly. 

And the key to that is understanding Jail

The Jail square sucks people in from the rest of the board — from Chance, Community Chest, and the Go To Jail spaces, not to mention the people that roll doubles thrice — and deposits them on the tenth space, like this:


Walter Hickey / BI


As a result, the spaces between Jail and Go To Jail are more likely to get landed on than the spaces between Go To Jail and Jail.  

By buying and developing the spaces that people are most likely to hit when exiting the most commonly hit space on the board — #10 Jail/Just Visiting — you can get a consistent avenue of victory. 

Obviously, this is a strategy, not a tactic.

You can’t control where the die send you, but you can control what trades you aim for.  

So just keep in mind that all spaces aren’t created equal, and the flows of the Monopoly board look a little closer to this than anything else:


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