'WE SCREWED UP': A Sydney pub owned by chef Matt Moran apologises after security accuse a woman with cerebral palsy of being drunk

Marlborough/FacebookNewtown’s Marlborough hotel
  • The Marlborough hotel in Newtown accused a 21-year-old woman out celebrating her birthday of being drunk. She has cerebral palsy.
  • Matt Moran’s Solotel group bought the pub last year for $30-35 million from John Singleton.
  • The hotel has apologised “unreservedly” on Facebook for what happened and “the humiliation and distress that we have caused”.
  • People have been complaining about the attitude of security at the hotel for a long time.

A woman with cerebral palsy out celebrating her 21st birthday was accused of being drunk and mocked by security guards at an inner-city hotel in Sydney.

The Marlborough in Newtown, owned by celebrity chef Matt Moran’s company, Solotel, has apologised “for the humiliation and distress that we have caused”.

John Singleton’s Australian Pub Fund has sold the Marlborough Hotel for between $30 million and $35 million early last year to the Solotel group, a joint venture between Moran and hotelier Bruce Solomon.

Concerns about the attitude of security staff at the venue appears to be an ongoing issue, with numerous people taking to the hotel’s Facebook page to air their grievances, while many of the more than 400 comments under “The Marly’s” apology also criticise the security.

Friends of the woman’s family first alerted the Marlborough to the latest problem by taking the hotel to task over Sunday night’s incident.

“How many 1 star reviews is it going to take for you to sack or retrain your security?” wrote Lesley White early on Sunday evening.

“A friend of mine’s daughter with cerebral palsy was turned back from the door for being drunk. She was well and truly sober. No individual or group should be subject to such unconscionable discrimination. Let this be the last time!”

Another family friend, Liane Gorham claimed the young woman was “belittled and laughed at”.

But the complaints against the hotel’s security include another woman who claims she was thrown out for being intoxicated after seeking help when she was being harassed by two men.

“The other week a security guard kicked me out of the Marly for being ‘intoxicated’ after I had asked him for help trying to get away from two men bothering me. Was humiliating and so unprofessional. Especially as I was reaching out for help but was instead framed as the person in the wrong,” she wrote.

Here is the hotel’s apology:

Dear friends,

We screwed up.

Early Sunday morning we refused entry to a young lady as we believed she was intoxicated. Reality was she had cerebral palsy. And it was her 21st birthday. And we ruined her night.

We apologise to the young lady, her friends and family. Unreservedly. We apologise for the humiliation and distress that we have caused.

We are committed to building awareness of this issue with our entire team through intensive anti-discrimination training.

Yours sincerely,

The Marley

Business Insider has contacted Solotel for comment.

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