We’re taking NY online flirting start-up iminlikewithyou for a test drive (really, that’s what we’re doing), and in the spirit of community, we’d like you to be able to check it out, too.  Unfortunately, it’s still invitation-only, so we can’t just post a link. 

However! By joining the site, I got five free invites, and although my boss immediately grabbed the first one (He’s in there somewhere, beginning to appreciate why Om Malik spends 90% of his waking hours in the place), I’ve got four left.  So the first four folks to send me an email ([email protected]) can jump right in with me.  And let me tell you, the interface alone is not to be missed.  (I’m serious).

Update: sold out. If we get more in the future, we’ll post a note in our community section.

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