We Just Watched A Movie In 3D On An iPhone, And It Was Awesome

3D phone skier

Here’s something you probably didn’t know your iPhone could do: display movies in 3D.

Actually, it can’t quite yet. But a company called Spatial View is launching an online 3D movie store, 3DeeCentral, and it has submitted an app that grants access to it for review by Apple.

There’s a catch: unlike most apps, you need a piece of hardware to use 3DeeCentral. Spatial View makes a thin screen that you slip on top of your iPhone 3G or 3GS; this screen lets you see video rendered in 3D without wearing any funny glasses.

We don’t expect this to sweep the nation overnight. For one thing, it looks like the library of content will be fairly sparse to begin with. And the 3D effect isn’t as compelling as it is on a larger screen using glasses.

But we just tried it out, and it was real, live 3D right there on the phone. And that was awesome.

The store, screen, and app will all be available later this fall. The iPhone screen is expected to cost under $20. Similar screens for the iPhone 4, the iPad, and Android devices will follow.

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