We Just Heard A rumour That Twitter Wants To Buy Tumblr, But Here’s The Truth

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[credit provider=”Illustration: Ellis Hamburger”]

Here’s a whopper: We heard that Twitter’s Jack Dorsey wants to buy (or more realistically) merge with David Karp’s Tumblr, and that he would offer as much as 20% of Twitter’s outstanding stock to get the deal done. According to rumormongers, the pair have already talked it over.

This rumour has been denied by a three sources who would be familiar with such a conversation.

We believe these denials – or at least, we believe that Tumblr will not and would not merge with Twitter at that price. Tumblr is growing like crazy and now would be a very strange time for Karp and company to cash out. 

But it’s no surprise that these rumours have started.

Karp has been travelling the world lately, and apparently, he’s spent much of the time in the presence of Twitter execs. A source says there was a several hours long meeting between Karp and Dorsey over in Germany at the DLD conference.  

And then, last week, Karp spent loads of time at Twitter HQ in San Francisco.  

Sources say he was there to take in some sort of executive training session put on by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo. Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley and a few other startup entrepreneurs were there also. 

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