We Just Got a Preview Of The General Election On Twitter

Mitt Romney and David Axelrod

Everyone likes a good little Twitter-fight. And tonight a few hours before the debate, a senior-Obama campaign aide, David Axelrod mixed it up with a senior Romney aide, Eric Fehrnstrom. 

It looked like a preview of the general election. Team Obama wants to tie Romney to the Bush years. Romney wants to make Obama take responsibility for sluggish growth. 

It all began with this Tweet from the official Mitt Romney campaign account.

And David Axlerod couldn't help himself. Tweeting out a chart is very 2012.

Eric Ferhnstrom fired back.

Fehrnstrom didn't take the bait.

Trying to entice someone from Romney's camp to distance himself from Bush, the way Romney distanced himself from Reagan in the 90s.

Translation: we're going to make Obama take responsibility for his administration.

More trying to make it about Bush. It did work against Republicans in 2006 and 2008.

Here Fehrnstrom really is saying that any explanation that involves Bush or the environment is an excuse.

Fehrnstrom finishes off the exchange with a positive spin on his candidate. Debate prep? Our man doesn't need it.

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