We Have Entered The World Of Disaster Economics

angela merkel during greece germany game

Photo: @cjzero

Are the bond markets going mad? It is a question that many investors might ask. For as anxiety has erupted in the eurozone, something striking has occurred with respect to US Treasuries and German Bunds.If you look at the credit derivatives market – the place where investors judge the risk of bond default – government bonds are getting riskier, not just in places such as Greece but in supposed havens such as Germany, too. Two years ago, for example, the credit default spread on a German Bund stood at 40 basis points – meaning that it cost €40,000 to insure €10m of bonds each year against default. Recently, though, the spread has been well above 100bp, and could rise again if Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, opts for more bailouts. US bonds have also become riskier, judging by credit default swap prices, as Congress remains gridlocked on fiscal policy.

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