We Found Out Wall Street's Hiring Sweet Spot

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The Street takes what it needs. It’s certain that every summer it needs thousands of interns, it’s certain that it’ll need a sizable analyst class on the sell-side.

But that’s where the certainty ends.

We spoke to Jesse Marrus, founder of financial career matchmaking service Street ID, to figure out what Wall Street needs now, and how its going about getting it.

“A lot of people are looking for analysts on the buy-side,” he told Business Insider, “that 3-7 years of experience mark is a sweet spot.”

That’s not to say you should quit your sell-side job on the last day of your 3rd year. There’s something else you need to keep in mind that complicates the whole situation — since there are so many unemployed, talented individuals in the financial service industry running loose these days, people doing the hiring are getting super specific about what they want.

“As the years have gone on things have gotten more niche,” Marrus explained. “A hedge fund might tell me they want a materials, metals, and mining analyst for Latin America and the right fit has to have all those boxes checked on their resume. It’s super specific.”

So find a specialisation guys. Better yet, specialize in everything.

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