We Found A Group Who Like The Audit Commission Report: Cloud Computing Providers

Cloud computing and tech love the report’s recommendations. Photo: Mark Kolbe/Getty Images.

While there’s been a huge amount of attention given to the recommendations handed down in Thursday’s Commission of Audit report, there hasn’t been a lot of love.

The Federal Government was quick to distance itself from the razor gang’s recommendations, saying repeatedly this is a report to government not of government.

Venture Capitalists and private equity came out swinging on Thursday when the report recommended a government body which provides industry funding and grants should be abolished. There’s more on that here.

But a group of tech companies have welcomed recommendations laid down around cloud computing which include introducing a mandatory cloud-first policy and establishing a whole-of-government cloud computing provider.

The report spells out a number of ways government could better harness technology and data to improve services and inform policy and recommends barriers to digital services be removed and a senior chief digital officer be appointed to drive change in the public service.

Cloud computing coalition OzHub said on behalf of its members which includes Macquarie Telecom, Fujitsu, VMware, Infoplex and Alcatel Lucent that the Federal Government should act to implement the recommendations.

“A cloud-first policy is the right way to go,” OzHub chair Matt Healy said.

“Australia is already ranked as one of the world’s most cloud-ready economies and the government is poised to realise the efficiency benefits of a cloud-first policy.”

Ozhub is aiming to develop a self-regulating framework and a set of protocols for cloud computing here in Australia and said it wants to see the government adopt the recommendations on the proviso privacy and security protections are in place.

“Evidence shows that a major impediment to the take-up of cloud computing amongst consumers and small business were concerns about security and a lack of confidence,” Healy said.

“We believe in the seamless flow of information around the world, but protections must be in place and recognition given to citizens’ legitimate expectations that their personal data is protected by Australian laws.”

The group also welcomed the Commission’s recommendations on e-government that included a “digital by default” strategy similar to the system operating in Europe. Recognising the Australian government is already moving towards this the tech group said it would like the delivery of online services accelerated.

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