We flew in the newest private jet in Warren Buffet's NetJets fleet -- and it's a seriously plush ride

  • NetJets is owned by Warren Buffet.
  • It has the largest private jet fleet in the world.
  • We went on their newest jet for a short flight from London City Airport.
  • The Citation Latitude can reach a maximum speed of 495mph
  • Each jet is fitted with free WiFi and entertainment systems.

Business Insider UK flew in the newest plane in Warren Buffet’s NetJets fleet – and it’s seriously plush ride.

The jet is called the Citation Latitude, it has a good range and could reach Tel Aviv or Istanbul from London. The Citation seats seven passengers and has a maximum speed of 495mph.

NetJets have six types of aeroplane in its fleet, the largest seats 14 and can reach Los Angeles from London.

The company offers joint ownership on each jet and you can also purchase a private jet card which gives you 25 hours of flying time. The price of these jets is available on request.

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