Joe Hockey Says 'Abdul The Kebab-Maker In Parramatta Mall Isn't Asking For A Handout'. But Hasan Would Like One

Hasan the kebab-makerHasan Olca, the kebab-maker from Parramatta Mall. Photo: Supplied

In discussing requests from various struggling industries for government support, federal Treasurer Joe Hockey this week used an analogy to highlight the differences between larger companies like SPC Ardmona and Holden, and smaller family-run businesses who he argued stand or fall on their own efforts.

Borrowing a quote from a former Liberal MP, Hockey said: “Abdul the kebab maker in Parramatta mall… is not asking for a new oven,” he argued.

Now we couldn’t find an Abdul, but we did speak to Hasan Olca, who has run Toros Kebabs in Parramatta Westfield for the past seven years – and one of the items that would be at the top of his list if he could access government support would be new equipment.

Other areas where he thinks government could intervene to support small businesses include rent and energy bills.

Photo: Supplied.

Olca says more and more small businesses are being “forced to close down with the extra costs of rent, products and packaging.”

With “the astronomical costs we pay any government commission would help”, he told Business Insider.

“In the larger shopping centres a lot of businesses are in the same boat.

“If the government could provide any handout or commission it would be very beneficial to small businesses. Incentives such as products and machines, or a certain amount of money per year to go and buy some sort of equipment would be very helpful”, Hasan said.

Hasan said he doesn’t know where Hockey got “Abdul” from, but despite the generalisation he would welcome any relief from the Treasurer to small business.

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