We Can't Work Out If This Plan To Launch A Europe-Wide Newspaper Is Great Timing Or Terrible Timing

European Daily

This September, three entrepreneurs (two Swedish and one German) will launch a new European-wide newspaper, The European Daily, PBS Mediashift reports.

The newspaper’s website is up now, and gives you an idea of the newspaper will look like. At present its just articles syndicated from other places, but the plan is apparently to have around 15 editorial positions, filled by “very senior professionals with experience from major international or national dailies”, one founder, Swede Johan Malmsten, told Mediashift.

Is now a good time to launch a European-wide newspaper? Malmsten says:

“Some people have praised us on our perfect timing, given the vivid current debate about Europe and the fact that a European news source and a common public sphere have never been as much in demand. At the same time, others tell us it is bold to launch a European paper these days, asking: “What if Europe falls apart?”

We’re unsure of our own position. Sure, everyone is talking about the euro crisis right now, but as we’ve seen, they’re talking about it in mighty different ways: Germany’s Handelsblatt versus the Economist, for example, France’s Libération versus Spain’s La Razón, or Bild versus the entire country of Greece.

It’s not the first time a Europe-wide newspaper has been attempted, by the way. British media baron Robert Maxwell tried a similar feat in the 1990s. The paper underperformed, and was eventually folded.

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