We Can't Tell You This, But Jim Harbaugh Is The Next Coach Of The Dolphins

jim harbaugh stanford

Photo: AP

The Dolphins want Jim Harbaugh to be their next coach. He wants to accept.They want to pay more than any other coach in football. He wants to paid more than other coach in a state with no income tax.

Miami wants to fire Tony Sparano. Sparano probably wants to pack his bags and go.

All of these things are going to happen. They might have already happened. But Miami can’t admit that they’ve happened because they haven’t obeyed the Rooney Rule yet.

The Rooney Rule says that every NFL team with a job opening has to at least interview a minority coaching candidate. They don’t have to hire them. They don’t even have to want to hire them. But they must go through “the process.”

Then they can hire Harbaugh. Then they can fire Sparano. But until then, we all have to pretend it isn’t happening. Until then, the situation is “fluid.”

There is a slight chance that it won’t. While Miami takes a day to find a willing participant, Denver might swoop in and trump their bid. San Francisco might back up their claim that money is no object. A lot can happen in a day.

But one thing that can’t happen in a day, is Miami paying a crap load of money to hire the coach of the moment.

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