We Can Pick Up The Slack Now The Mining Boom Is Over: Australian Tourism

Photo: Getty/Ian Waldie

As Australia’s mining boom comes to an end, economists and politicians are reminding everyone that other sectors of the economy need to step up to the plate.

In an article in The Australian, the boss of Australia’s peak tourism group said the tourism industry can shoulder some of the weight. But it wants more funding.

“We know key sections of manufacturing are shrinking; our national government needs to invest in areas of economic strength which have the most potential to grow,” Tourism & Transport Forum chief executive Ken Morrison said.

“There are 283,000 tourism businesses nationwide. With the growth of Asia’s [tourism industry] there is enormous capacity to do so much more.”

To be able to do more for the economy though, the Australian tourism industry needs a better tax structure, a review of penalty rates, a second Sydney airport and increased government funding, according to the article.

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