This Cool Stop-Motion Video Shows That We All Take The Exact Same Photos On Instagram

Any frequent Instagram user has seen their fair share of sunsets and aeroplane window shots. Instagram is a platform that makes it simple for users to upload their photos of the world around them, though it turns out many people continue to take the same pictures.

French art director Thomas Jullien gathered 852 user-uploaded photos to create an incredible stop-motion tour of the world. The video takes viewers from the Champs-Elysees in Paris to New York’s Washington Square Park to the Sydney Opera House, with plenty of shots of subway trains and new shoes in between.

“Instagram is an incredible resource for all kinds of images. I wanted to create structure out of this chaos,” Jullien said. “The result is a crowd source short-film that shows the endless possibilities of social media.”

Check out the video below to see if one of your pictures made the cut.

An Instagram short film from Thomas Jullien on Vimeo.

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