10 ways to use protein powder that go beyond shakes

ShutterstockProtein powder is a lot more versatile than people give it credit for.

Collagen powderShutterstockProtein powder is a lot more versatile than people give it credit for.

Protein powders are a great way to get the necessary amount of protein in your diet. And although it’s easy to add some to your morning shake, the uses for protein powder go far beyond boosting your morning drink.

From protein-packed pancakes to protein-fuelled hummus, here are 10 unique ways to incorporate protein powder into your diet.

You can add protein powder to your coffee.

Tristan Fewings/Stringer/Getty ImagesUp your latte game by adding protein powder.

This recipe from Family Fresh Meals suggests mixing hot water with vanilla whey protein powder and then adding it to your favourite brewed coffee.

The author notes that you can’t just mix the protein powder directly in the coffee, as doing so won’t allow it to dissolve properly.

You can mix protein in with homemade guacamole.

Hungry Dudes/FlickrIt’s a sneaky way to get more protein.

Vital Protein’s lifestyle blog, Lively, boasts a new and unusual recipe for a guacamole that includes collagen powder.

Collagen powder is the powdered form of the protein-rich connective tissue between bones. It is usually tasteless and can be added to nearly anything.

Aside from the collagen powder, the ingredients are fairly typical and include avocados, salt, and lime.

You can put protein powder in your oatmeal.

Daniella Segura / FlickrOpt for chocolate or vanilla flavored protein powder.

While oatmeal is already a great way to start your day, adding protein will give the morning meal an extra boost. Brooklyn Farm Girl’s double chocolate protein oatmeal recipe is a delicious way to add protein to your oatmeal.

The author uses a plant-based chocolate protein powder, but any other form of protein powder will also do the trick.

You can make protein powder pudding.

ShutterstockIt’s easy to make.

He and She Eat Clean has a four-ingredient recipe for protein pudding. Add your favourite protein powder to Greek yogurt with some nut milk and stevia, then refrigerate for 30 minutes.

The pudding is a perfect treat for dessert or a snack. Plus, with yogurt and protein powder, you’re sure to reach your desired protein intake.

You can mix protein powder into soups.

Callie Ahlgrim/INSIDERSoup just got more filling.

Mixing protein powder into soup is an unusual but great way to get more protein into your diet, according to Livestrong.

The added powder will not only give you that extra protein but can also give the soup some thickness if desired.

You can turn protein powder into energy bites.

ShutterstockThey’re the perfect pack-and-go snack.

Lemon poppy seed energy bites from Amy’s Healthy Baking are a great go-to snack. The recipe calls for a plant-based vanilla protein powder, poppy seeds, lemon zest, oats, and water.

The energy bites are easy to prepare and require no baking.

You can add protein powder to your hummus recipe.

Flickr/Hungry DudesProtein powder won’t change the texture of hummus.

Another dip you can give a protein boost to is hummus. Livestrong recommends an unflavored, plant-based protein powder to mix into your regular hummus recipe.

If you have chocolate or vanilla protein powder, hummus could easily be turned into your own version of “dessert hummus.”

You can make a protein powder mug cake.

ShutterstockIt will take you less than five minutes to make.

This low-carb protein powder chocolate mug cake from Melfy Cooks Healthy is simple and sweet. The author recommends using chocolate whey or casein protein.

Depending on your preference, you can add ingredients, such as nut butter, to the mug cake after you mix up the batter.

You can use protein powder in homemade pizza crust.

ShutterstockThe recipe is only four ingredients.

Protein Pow has a protein powder pizza crust recipe that will make your favourite food healthier.

The author suggests a pea protein, however, you can substitute hemp protein instead.

You can make protein powder pancakes.

Protein powder pancakes are a quick and easy way to make a healthy version of your favourite breakfast. Spinach For Breakfast’s recipe has only four ingredients, making it a great go-to when you’re in a rush.

With a banana, your favourite protein powder, an egg, and cinnamon, you can have a healthy, protein-filled breakfast in no time.

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