Here's Wayne Rooney's Errant Shot Nailing A Poor Kid In The Arm And Breaking His Wrist

Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney was practicing for his game against Wolverhampton a few days ago when one of his shot attempts went flying into the crowd.

Unsuspecting nine-year-old fan Jamie Thomas tried to avoid getting nailed in the face by ducking and putting his arms up.

The ball hit the poor chap on the arm anyway, breaking his wrist.

“I felt like a rocket had hit my arm but I was buzzing because Wayne had kicked it. I thought my arm and wrist was OK but it was getting more painful.”

Thomas had to leave the game to have his arm put in a cast despite him begging his dad to stick around until the end of the game.

But the story has a happy ending, as Thomas says he’s fine and Rooney expressed his concern via Twitter.

Wayne Rooney breaks kid's wrist

Photo: @WayneRooney

Here’s video of the infamous shot via 101 Great Goals:

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