HOUSE OF THE DAY: The $US70 Million 'Mr. Las Vegas' Ranch Comes With An Airport, Defunct Zoo, And 8 Homes

“Casa de Shenandoah,” the Las Vegas home owned by singer Wayne Newton –aka Mr. Las Vegas –for more than 45 years, is being sold for a whopping $US70 million.

Listed on real estate website Redfin, the 36-acre property has over eight separate homes, a huge garage, 37 stables, a tennis court, and even its own jumbo jet and terminal.

Even crazier, it once had a functioning zoo with Arabian horses, sloths, penguins, lemurs, and more than 100 birds.

Newton and his family lived at the ranch from the 1960s to 2010, when it was purchased by CSD LLC for $US19.5 million to help the Newtons out of bankruptcy, according to the Associated Press.

Originally, there were plans to turn the main home into a Wayne Newton-themed theme park with a gift shop and dinner theatre.

But that dream fell through after an ugly legal battle between the Newtons and CSD.

Developers claimed Newton would not move out of the mansion or hand over paraphernalia for the museum, while Newton claimed his family had nowhere to relocate and was unhappy with how the property was being looked after.

Newton finally settled this summer for an undisclosed sum and left.

The animals have since been sold to wildlife centres, according to Redfin, and now a Las Vegas judge has greenlit Casa de Shenandoah’s sale, though it still remains to be seen whether or not anyone will pay the exorbitant $US70 million price tag.

The main house at Casa de Shenandoah is a two-story structure with three bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms, and more than 9,000 square feet.

There's also a nice swimming pool in the backyard.

The entire property spans 36 acres, and has eight separate homes.

There even a building for private events on the property.

It has a humongous ballroom inside.

Newton called the garage a 'car museum' because of how big it was.

There's even an airport, complete with its own private jet.

The boarding area actually looks like a real airport.

Here's a look at the cockpit.

The interior could be nice once you unwrap the plastic from the furniture...

There's also a tennis court on the property that needs a little sprucing up.

All the other houses have their own pools, too. Like this one.

Same with this one.

Oh, and don't forget the stables.

Wayne Newton and his family used to breed Arabian horses here.

There's a horse paddock on the property.

As well as an equestrian water track that leads back towards the stables. The horses would supposedly perform water tricks here.

For a time, Casa de Shenandoah was a zoo.

It was stocked with over 100 types of birds, as well as sloths, penguins, and lemurs.

And if you're really lucky, you can still see a few peacocks roaming the property.

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