NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre: Americans 'Fear That They Are Going To Be Abandoned By Their Country'

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on gun control Wednesday, National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre came under fire for his claim that Americans need guns to “defend themselves from tyranny.”

“What people all over the country fear today is that they are going to be abandoned by their country,” LaPierre said. “If a tornado hits, if a hurricane hits, if a riot occurs, that they are going to be out there alone and the only way they are going protect themselves in the cold, in the dark, is with a firearm. I think that indicates how relevant and essential the Second Amendment is in today’s society to fundamental human survival.”

Illinois Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin then asked Baltimore Police Chief James Johnson how he felt about LaPierre’s statement. 

“I find it to be scary, creepy, and simply just not based on logic,” Johnson said. “Frankly, I can’t relate to that kind of thinking.”

Watch the video below:

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