Wayne Gretzky Is Selling His Custom Designed Mansion In California For $15 Million

wayne gretzky house

Wayne Gretzky is selling his custom designed home in California for $15 million, according to Yahoo! Sports.

Gretzky designed the 11,000 square foot home with the help of Richard Landry who also designed a home for Tom Brady.

The giant mansion has 6 bedrooms (one of which we’re guessing belongs to Gretzky’s daughter Paulina), 7.5 bathrooms, a movie theatre, a pool, tennis courts, an outdoor wood-burning pizza oven, and two guests homes, one of which is a full gym.

Here's an aerial view of the sprawling property

And a look at the beautiful scenery surrounding it

The driveway

A closer look at that fountain

A view of the back of the house and the pool

Outdoor porch area with awesome views

There's a tennis court too

And a covered area to nap with a ceiling fan?

Inside is pretty nice too. Here's the movie theatre

And the kitchen

A dining area with a view

One of the living rooms

Many of the rooms are white with high ceilings, giving the space a wide open feel

Another white living room

Gretzky really paid attention to detail when designing the home

The staircase

Here's a video tour of the home from Zillow.com

From Zillow.com:

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