Watch Wayne Brady Sing About 'Hot And Greasy Love' To Promote A Proposed Bacon Potato Chip

Lay’s potato chips is promoting its “Do Us A Flavour” contest, in which fans submit their ideas for a new potato chip flavour, with a pretty hilarious assist from Wayne Brady.

The actor, singer, and comedian is improvising songs based on flavours suggested by users on Twitter right now, with suggestions ranging from “pickle, cream cheese, and beef,” to “milksteak.”

Our favourite so far, though, is Brady’s interpretation of “bacon and red pepper,” a power ballad he wrote about the “hot and greasy love” the two flavours create:

Here are the complete lyrics:

“I feel like bacon

Sizzlin’ in the pan, no one understands

And I feel like pepper

Burning in your mouth, it hurts when it comes out

When they’re not together they’re still powerful in their own way

But when you bring them together, there’s just one combination

This is what I say

Hot and greasy love

Hot and greasy, it burns so much

It’s hot and greasy love

Makes you feel kind of bad, but good anyway

It scars you, and it burns you

But it makes you feel so good

On the outside, and the inside

Water won’t hurt, it just makes the burning worse

Hot and greasyyyyy”

The contest asks participants to submit their proposed flavour name, three ingredients, and the inspiration for the flavour to Lay’s, whose panel of flavour judges will select four finalists to be tested in stores. The public will then have an opportunity to vote for its favourite flavour, with the winner remaining in stores for nearly a year at minimum.

The rest of Wayne Brady’s video performances are available at the contest’s YouTube page.

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