TheWrap Blasts The Hollywood Reporter: 'Stop Stealing Our Scoops'

Sharon Waxman, Janice Min

For once Sharon Waxman is in a battle with someone other than Nikki Finke.

TheWrap Editor-In-Chief is publicly calling out The Hollywood Reporter for “stealing” exclusive reports from TheWrap reporters without crediting or linking to the site.

I try not to waste too much time on this nonsense, but it’s time to call out The Hollywood Reporter for stealing TheWrap’s scoops as their own and for failing to credit or link to us when they re-report our scoops.

Taking to her site, Waxman claims that since THR has been taken over by Prometheus Media and Janice Min, the publication has not acknowledged TheWrap and its reporting, despite demands.

So what finally inspired the open letter?

According to Waxman, TheWrap’s Johnnie Roberts broke the news that Antonio “L.A. Reid” is taking over Sony Music’s Epic Records in a few weeks. One day later, THR reported the news as an “exclusive.”

That is when Waxman decided “enough already.”

Waxman tells readers that she has tried in the past to reach out to the THR team to resolve the issue behind-closed-doors, writing to Executive Editor Owen Phillips. The response, however, was less-than-satisfactory.

The result? TheWrap will no longer link to THR.  How much effect this will actually have on THR’s impressive traffic remains to be seen.

Waxman also managed to sneak in some jabs at Deadline’s Nikki Finke:

I never expect grown-up ethics from the likes of Deadline. (Please note the lack of a lawsuit threatened by Nikki Finke months ago. It was nonsense then and now, because as everyone knows we do our own reporting.)

The “threatened” lawsuit Waxman refers to is the one Nikki Finke slapped on The Wrap for “free-riding off of’s exclusive information and breaking news.”  However, worth noting the cease and desist order contained no specific examples.

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