'We are Wawa!': A convenience chain with a cult following opened a super-sized location in Washington, DC -- and people are freaking out

WawaWawa on opening day in Washington, DC

  • Wawa opened its first location in Washington, DC on Thursday.
  • The much-anticipated location is also the largest Wawa in the world.
  • People swarmed to the new Wawa, camping out for hours before opening and rejoicing at the arrival of the cult favourite.

Wawa just opened its largest location yet in Washington, DC – and local fans of the convenience chain are swarming to the shop.

The gas station and convenience chain opened its first ever location in Washington, DC on Thursday morning. The location has the additional distinction of being the largest Wawa in the world.

The reaction was overwhelming. People flooded to the location, lining up hours before opening. One person even says he camped out the night before to make sure he was the first person in line.

Here’s what the chaotic and ecstatic scene was like on Wawa’s first day of business in Washington, DC.

People showed up an hour-and-a-half early for Wawa’s 8 a.m. opening.


One person even seems to have camped out overnight.


“We are Wawa!” the crowed yelled, according to Philly.com.


Source: Philly.com

The long line stretched down the block — but for dedicated Wawa fans, it was worth the wait.


“Thank you for making my home of the last 8 years that much homier. #wawa I have never loved you more, which is saying a lot,” one person wrote on Instagram.


“After 8 years of b—-ing that it wasn’t here, writing letters, renting zip cars to celebrate the end of finals, mapping out every Wawa within a 20 mile radius of DC and telling anyone who would listen that #wawa is not just a convenient store, but a way of life, the day has finally come that we finally have our own,”the caption reads.

Things were even more crowded inside.


Eager shoppers, having waited in line for hours, crowded into the store.


At 9,200 square feet, the Washington, DC store is the biggest Wawa in the world.


Source: Philly.com

Wawa’s goose mascot was there to greet shoppers.


The location was also serving up special doughnuts for the eager shoppers.


A nearby Dunkin’ Doughnuts was forced on the defensive, handing our free coffee and munchkins.

Source: Twitter

Wawa has more than 720 locations on the East Coast.


Source: Business Insider

The convenience chain has built a cult following, thanks to its high-quality yet inexpensive food.


There’s one thing that the DC Wawa doesn’t have — gas pumps, long a key part of the chain’s appeal.


However, for Wawa lovers, the super-sized location is perfect the way it is.


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