A Fantastic Overview Of What's Happening In Markets Right Now


Waverly Advisors is out with its latest tactical perspective presentation, and the situation is a bit muddier than their last report.

The firm thinks stocks and gold are still opportunities. 

However, the major sources of uncertainty will be the respective political situations in the U.S., Europe, China, and Japan.

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Stocks across the board look attractive right now

Financial stocks could lead the way

It's getting cheaper to buy protection from this market

T-bills are tricky to play these days

You can still be long metals but expect some short-term corrections

Oil could also decline in the short-run

The bullish trend in grains has broken down

The developed world is sorely lacking for leaders

Dysfunction is now a worldwide phenomenon

The U.S. housing market's resilience has been baffling

U.S. manufacturing will be this week's most important data point

Personal consumption will also be watched closely

Gas prices will be particularly telling

Spain's Rajoy is in a bad situation

China's production slowdown could translate to significant unemployment issues

Waverly is long natural gas

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