If This Company Has Its Way, Every Gadget We Own Will Be Waterproof From The Inside Out

Have you ever dropped your phone in water?

If you’ve fallen victim to one of the most common smartphone mishaps, you’ll definitely be interested in HZO’s technology.

HZO’s big news at CES 2013 is that now besides being immune to water, its coating is completely resistant to coffee, beer, sports drinks, soda, and other liquids that our phones are susceptible to.

Instead of wrapping your phone in a film or covering it with a case, the company has figured out a way to coat your phone on the inside, making it completely liquid-proof.

HZO uses a form of nano coating that was originally designed for emergency response situations but it is now adding consumer products to its arsenal. 

Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as sending in your phone and getting it back waterproof. HZO is aiming its technology at manufacturers.

That means that your phone, Kindle, and tablet could one day be shipped to you already waterproof.

Check out this short video of the technology in action:

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