YACHT OF THE WEEK: For $34 Million, This Ship Is A Water Sports Paradise

yacht, four aces, $34 million

Photo: International Yacht Collection

Cruise the seas in “Four Aces,” a 183-foot yacht on sale for $34 million.This yacht sleeps 12 people in seven staterooms. On board you’ll find a personal gym, room for a crew of 14, and two bars.

Included in the price is snorkel gear, two Waverunners, two wind surfers, three kayaks, and two sets of water skis.

The yacht’s three levels all have massive glass windows, providing its owners a great view.

The Four Aces is a Benetti from 2005/2008.

The deck of the ship looks like a great place to throw a dinner party.

The table sits at least 10.

The yacht is currently in West Palm Beach.

Here's where all of the navigating happens.

Relax by the pool while in route to your destination.

There's even a hot tub.

Imagine dining with a view like that.

The couch area is shaded.

When the boat stops, dive off and enjoy the ocean.

In case it's cold or raining, there's an indoor eating area.

The master bedroom is very roomy.

One of the state rooms has twin beds.

All of the staterooms have bathrooms inside.

The living room is very beige.

You won't have to worry about there not being enough seats.

This looks like a good spot for some chess.

The Jacuzzi tub looks like a good way to unwind.

You can watch TV and have a great view while working out.

Have a drink at the indoor bar once it gets chilly out.

The staterooms can have a great view depending where you are sailing the ship to.

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