Pawlenty Campaign In Trouble In Iowa

Tim Pawlenty

Photo: Wikimedia Creative Commons

2012 Republican presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty expects to spend $1.75 million to win the Iowa Straw Poll, The Daily Beast reports today.The straw poll has emerged as a crucial test in Pawlenty’s candidacy.

But after falling far behind both Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney in Saturday’s Des Moines Register Poll, Pawlenty has tried to downplay expectations for his performance in the August 13 straw poll.

“I don’t know that we need to win it,” Pawlenty said in an interview with an Iowa radio host yesterday.

The former Minnesota governor is having difficulty raising the money necessary to compete in the straw poll, according to a GOP consultant familiar with the Pawlenty campaign.

“They clearly don’t have it,” the consultant told The Daily Beast. “So in the end I’m not sure how they’re going to implement their straw-poll strategy.”

“I know so many of the vendors who aren’t getting paid,” he said. “They are holding back so many bills.”

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