WATCH: Warren Buffett's Badass Personal Bodyguard In Action

Dan Clark has been Warren Buffett’s personal bodyguard for almost 20 years, so his services to one of the world’s richest men isn’t big news or any surprise.

Clark runs security firm Clark International, and got the gig being Buffett’s protector 18 years ago when he met Buffett’s daughter in a bagel shop. Before that, he was a police officer in Omaha. He generated a lot of buzz last year when the Omaha World-Herald ran a lengthy profile on him and his job.

But now that CNBC will be airing a special on “Billionaire Super Security” next Monday, we get treated to some awesome shots of Clark in action, teaching his employees how to take down a man in hand-to-hand combat, the correct way to point a gun, etc. 

CNBC’s special will air next week at 9:30 pm. For now, check out the action packed preview—

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