A giant, life-like cat watches over crowds on a new Tokyo billboard – and people can’t get enough of it

Cat on tokyo billboard
  • A giant 3D cat is on display on a Tokyo billboard.
  • It was organized by local businesses to cheer people up, as Reuters reported.
  • The life-like calico can be seen perched on a bookshelf towering over one of the city’s busiest areas.
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A giant 3D cat is currently displayed on a Tokyo billboard towering over a busy part of the city.

As Reuters reported, local businesses organized the display to cheer people up.

The giant calico, seen moving in life-like motions, appears perched on a bookshelf.

-Reuters (@Reuters) July 8, 2021

“With the pandemic, we don’t have any way to chill out,” one hotel employee who was watching the cat told CBS News. “We’re dog people, but the cat is so adorable, it’s soothing.”