WATCH: Unaired 'Creepy' Excerpts From Jerry Sandusky's NBC Interview

Prosecutors in the Jerry Sandusky case are asking NBC to release unaired portions of the broadcasting giant’s potentially incriminating interview with the disgraced assistant coach.

In the unaired segments, Sandusky makes what can be considered self-incriminating statements, including telling interviewer Bob Costas he “didn’t go around seeking out every young person for sexual needs that I’ve helped,” legal scholar Jonathan Turley reported, referring to the footage as “creepy.”

Sandusky faces charges that he raped and otherwise abused 10 boys over a 15-year period through his charity that purportedly helped disadvantaged youth, the Second Mile.

While no one is sure why NBC chose not to air the blockbuster segments, Turley speculates the prosecution’s move to show the tapes could be a way to intimidate Sandusky and keep him from testifying.

The interview was recorded in November, after the scandal erupted.

Sandusky has the right to testify but it might not work in his favour.

By asking NBC to release the tapes, prosecutors could be “implicitly threatening that they would seek to use the tape in cross-examination if Sandusky tries to take the stand,” Turley wrote.

Watch the shocking, unaired portion of the interview, courtesy of CNN:

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