Two Los Angeles Cops Were Caught On Surveillance Camera Fist Bumping After They Allegedly Slammed A Nurse To The Ground

Two Los Angeles cops slammed a woman on the ground not once but twice during a routine traffic stop — and then fist bumped about it, the New York Daily News reported Wednesday.

Police pulled over Michelle Jordan, a 34-year-old nurse, last week for talking on her cell phone while driving. Jordan pulled into a taco joint’s parking lot and got out of her car to confront the officers, police said.

In a video captured by the restaurant’s surveillance cameras the officers, both men, can be seen “yanking the 5-foot-4 inch registered nurse from the open driver’s seat and then slamming her on the ground to cuff her,” according to the Daily News.

They then bring her to the patrol car and allegedly slam her on the ground a second time.

Jordan was arrested for resisting arrest, KTLA 5 reported, but was later released.

“My initial review of the officers’ statements and the recorded video cause me to have serious concerns about this use of force,” Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck said in a statement, according to ABC 7. “We will investigate this thoroughly and hold our officers accountable for their actions.”

Watch the full video, courtesy of KTLA 5:


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