Watch This Woman In China Tear Apart An ATM With Her Bare Hands

A woman in China stunned fellow shoppers by dismantling an ATM with her bare hands.

Surveillance footage from the Shilong Jingshawan Shopping Mall last week showed the woman almost completely destroy the machine within the few short minutes it took security guards to arrive.

She really did:

Picture: chinaSMACK

The woman was reportedly angry she couldn’t withdraw money. Shilong Police say she may also be suffering from mental problems and they’re awaiting a diagnosis from Dongguan Mental Hospital before taking any further action.

Picture: chinaSMACK

“After dismantling the machine, she even stood there as if nothing had happened, but was then taken back to the police station once police arrived,” a mall representative told the Southern Metropolis Daily.

Picture: chinaSMACK

There’s more pictures of the damage over at chinaSMACK.

The bank which owns the machine responded by saying the damage wasn’t as bad as it looked in the pictures and “only had its interface panel removed”. It said the woman couldn’t get any cash because her card had been locked.

Here’s a report containing the surveillance footage:

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