Watch this monster waterspout hitting land in Western Australia

A waterspout off Bateman’s Bay in 2012. Photo: Mick Ryan/ YouTube.

A tornado-like waterspout hit the coast of Kalbarri, Western Australia yesterday.

Residents of the seaside town, located about 580km north of Perth, described the spout as an “unusual cloud” that was “funnelling down”.

“We sort of weren’t too sure whether to run inside or not because it was … heading our way, but it sort of crossed a little way to the north of us,” local Dean Robins told The ABC.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology waterspouts are “weak tornados” which form over water.

“Cool, unstable air masses passing over the warmer waters allow vigorous updraughts to form, which can tighten up into a spinning column. The cool, moist air usually supports a full condensation funnel,” it says.

It was an unusual sighting for such a phenomenon, as “they are occasionally seen near the coast in the late summer and autumn”, and potentially dangerous for onlookers, as it only weakens after travelling on land.

Robins said he and his wife heard “bangs and crashes” as debris, branches were sucked up into the sky.

Here’s a look at the waterspout as it hits Kalbarri.

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