WATCH: This massive 3-point basket is one of the best buzzer-beaters you will ever see

It’s okay, Destiny’s got this. Picture: Getty Images

As far as buzzer-beaters go, this is somewhere near the top:

Let the fact that it was the halftime buzzer takes nothing away from that crazy tomahawk from Maryland’s Destiny Slocum. Here’s another view:

And while Slocum was surprised by the result, exactly none of her teammates were surprised by the attempt, because it’s the type of stunt she’s been pulling all through her debut season.

“In the beginning of the season it was kind of surprising,” junior guard Ieshia Small said after the game. “But now it’s like, ‘Destiny, you’re supposed to hit that.”

Because a 23-metre overhead buzzer beater can’t be seen too many times, here’s yet another angle:

Slocum was this year’s Big Ten Freshman of the Year, after breaking records for assists and three-pointers. That overhead basket was made in Sunday’ NCAA Tournament game against West Virginia.

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