WATCH: A giant great white shark nudges a kayaker close to shore in Western Australia

The view from the Kayak. Image: Supplied.

A four-metre shark followed and then nudged a man in a kayak close to shore at King George Sound in Albany, Western Australia.

Ian Watkins, who was wearing a Go Pro and recorded the whole incident, at first thought movement in the water was the wake of a whale-watching boat nearby.

“Then I looked on and there’s this massive fin, and I thought ‘that’s a serious shark’,” he told ABC Great Southern yesterday.

“It pushed me from the left hand side and then it nudged me from the middle across the left hand side.”

Here’s the video Watkins posted on his Facebook page.

Watkins wrote on his Facebook page: “It come up behind me and all I could hear was a wave. I looked to see a bloody big fin. It then pushed the back of the kayak around end then come up beside the kayak and pushed me sideways. It then stayed circling and going under back a forwards.”

Watkins grabbed his radio and shouted: “Emergency, emergency, emergency.”

Paul Guest, skipper of the Albany Ocean Adventures, heard the call on the radio.

Watkins told Guest over the radio: “He’s still hanging around me.”

Guest said later: “We’ve got a bit of a panicked call from somebody who said they were on a ski or sea kayak and said they had a white pointer swimming around them and they needed assistance, because it was bumping into them and giving them a bit of grief.”

The shark is thought to have been a white pointer.

Watkins was taken to safety at nearby Emu Point by a Department of Fisheries boat.

Paul Guest said: “I told the guy maybe you should get a bigger boat.”

Watkins, a very experienced sea kayaker, isn’t sure whether he will return to the water.

“I really don’t know if I want to go out again,” he told friends on Facebook this morning. “It is something that I will have to come to terms with over the next few weeks. Something that I will never forget and it wasn’t nice.”

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