This Is What It's Like To Race A Ferrari On The Streets Of Florida

This weekend, the IndyCar series kicked off its 2012 season at the Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg in Florida.

But before the main event, there were a number of support races including the Ferrari 458 Challenge series.

The series is comprised of specially built Ferrari 458 Italias with different liveries. We don’t want to generalize, but the drivers tend to be fairly well-to-do businessmen and investors. But that does not mean they aren’t talented drivers.

One driver took this in-car video of his race to second place, where he hounded Robert Herjavec, one of the stars of ABC’s Shark Tank, through a first corner melee all the way to the finish.

While the AC/DC soundtrack does overpower the glorious sounds of the sonorous Ferrari V8, it is a great look at some close racing in tight quarters.

Check it out below (YouTube via @robertherjavec):

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