WATCH: This is what innovation looks like in the real world

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Lachlan McKnight, CEO at LegalVision Australia

The global economy is more intertwined than ever. As technology breaks down ever more barriers, products and services are made to go global. For Australian businesses, this means continually evolving to be relevant, keep up with consumer expectations, and stay ahead of competition.

It requires change and creativity: new thinking, new ways of doing things – in short, innovation.

But what “innovation” really looks like varies by context. Speaking at a recent innovation panel at the Commonwealth Bank Innovation lab in partnership with Business Insider, leading Australian entrepreneurs put forward different visions of what innovation means to them, and how it comes into effect in their respective industries.

In this highlight, Lachlan McKnight, CEO at LegalVision, explains that it’s about finding under-served customers, and outlines how his company has helped redefine service in the legal industry.

From applying the internet to analog industries, to creating marketplaces and platforms, this video shows how leading Australian entrepreneurs have seen innovation in their industries.

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