WATCH: The trailer for a new movie an Australian startup founder made — about his company and two others

The New Hustle. (Source: YouTube)

A new film has been made about three successful Australian startup entrepreneurs, depicting their private lives behind the businesses and what drives them to succeed.

The movie, titled The New Hustle, was financed by SafetyCulture founder Luke Anear, to the tune of $400,000. The hour-long feature was directed by documentary maker Patrick Moreau, who won an Emmy in 2012.

The film depicts three successful Australian startups and their founders – Anear and SafetyCulture, Canva’s Melanie Perkins and Vinomofo’s Andre Eikmeier – who are all in the Business Insider Tech 100.

Anear said that he wanted such a film made to make tech startups feel more accessible to the general public and provide “an inside look into what drives Aussie entrepreneurs”.

“I want to show that it really is just normal people that are creating technology that improves our daily life,” he said.

“[The film] has been one of my side passion projects and I’m really happy with how it turned out.”

This is the trailer, with the full film due for release in August: