WATCH: This guy moonwalk across Europe

Something to show the grandkids. Picture: Travis DeRose

Californian man Travis DeRose has moonwalked across Europe. Look:



“It started on a previous trip to Ireland when I was getting my photo taken in front of a castle,” he said.

“Instead of just standing there looking awkward, I started moonwalking and it actually turned out pretty cool.

“So when I started this big Europe trip I started moonwalking every place we went.”

Picture: Travis DeRose

DeRose says he used an iPhone for the whole video, with his travel buddy taking the shot from exactly the same distance every time.

He visited 13 countries in two months, from Iceland to Paris to Istanbul – even on the Norwegian Spirit cruise ship – and honed his moonwalking skills with YouTube videos.


“Sometimes,” he says. ” I mean look at the video, I was in some pretty crowded places doing this.”

“One time a guy selling selfie sticks started moonwalking with me but I’m pretty sure he was just trying to get me to buy one.

“I think you can see him in the video.”

Check out his blog here. And here is the video: