Sorry, This Awesome Flying Submachine Gun Is A Hoax

The following video is not the first YouTube hit for FPSRussia (FSPR) whose real life weapon demonstration videos have earned him a loyal following, but it may be the coolest.

Here FSPR takes a large quadcopter, similar to the commercially available AR Drone and mounts a 100-round submachine gun to its belly.

As he talks us through the introduction FSPR says the technology he’s presenting will be very handy to combat troops, police, and that it is still 10 years away from being available to the public.

“S*** is going to get very real,” he says as the copter lifts off. In addition to the 100-round magazine, the flying weapon can cruise at 30 miles per hour, climb a quarter mile high, and requires only “one professional Russian with his fancy tablet to kill you.”

Using a beefed up tablet, FSPR sees everything the ‘copter sees, oh, and he’s named it Charlene.

It’s a pretty cool video, assuming it’s real: the 100-round weapon has got to have some weight to it, and those explosions look a little enhanced, but judge for yourself.

Update: Twitter follower TimmyC62 points out that Jesus Diaz at Gizmodo says it’s nothing but a 3D animation, but once the right weight/power ratio is found, the military will be all over Charlene.


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