WATCH: This Could Be The Fastest Amphibious Car In The World

Amphibious cars have always been a strange breed.

They need to perform on the land and the water, but they frequently turn out to be lackluster in both environments. On the roads, amphibious cars are awkward to drive and on the water they tend to be dog slow.

Now, one company has designed a car that they claim is the fastest amphibious car ever. There’s just one problem with that.

The speed of M. Witt’s Sea Lion hasn’t been verified, but it looks like it could be quite fast.

With power from a 170 HP Mazda rotary engine, it isn’t the fastest car on the land. However, it uses a drive system similar to a jet ski to be spry on the water.

It may look like a kit car from the 1970s, but it also seems to move surprisingly well. colour us surprised.

Check it out below (via YouTube):

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