Incredible Time-Lapse Of A 30-Story Hotel In China Built In 15 Days

The Chinese construction company Broad Group is known for putting up buildings with record speed. How fast? Most recently, the company owned by Xian Min Zhang constructed a 30 story, 183,000-square-foot hotel in 15 days — 360 hours, according to Gizmodo.

If you think that’s fast, watch this time-lapsed video, which shows the hotel going up in about a minute:

According to Gizmodo, the building was constructed near Dongting lake, in Hunan Province, China. Broad Group used prefabricated modules in this design. The final structure was not only tested by the China Academy of Building Research to withstand a 9.0 magnitude earthquake but it is also five times more energy efficient that similar buildings.

The description in YouTube video states that construction was finished just before we rang in the new year.

According to Gizmodo, Broad Group has a habit of making record-setting construction times. In 2010, the company built a hotel 15 stories high in six days. Watch time-lapse footage of that feat:

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originally appeared at The Blaze