WATCH: This Burning Lamborghini Proves That Supercars Are Still Wild Beasts

Supercars are supposed to be a visceral driving thrill that can then turn around and bite the driver at any moment.

Over the last few years, the Lamborghini Gallardo and Ferrari 458 Italia have bitten their owners through starting on fire without any notice. Fires like this are the unpredictable side of supercar ownership.

When Lamborghini introduced the Aventador, they said that while it was one of the fastest and wildest cars it had ever built, it was also more refined. It is certainly fast, but some reviewers have said that it is missing just a little bit of the Lamborghini insanity.

However, over the weekend an Aventador proved that, while it may be more refined, it hasn’t lost the ability to totally turn on its driver. A man took a $400,000 Aventador for a test drive in California, and while he was on the road the car decided to spontaneously combust.

The test driver in the video notes that this happened to a previous Lamborghini he had. Luckily, nobody was injured in the fire.

We think it’s good to see that however much time progresses, supercars are still wild animals that are nearly impossible to tame.

Check out the fire below (YouTube via Motoramic):

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