WATCH: This Brazilian Company Has Produced The Coolest Book Ever On BBQ Cooking

Tongmaster heaven – Tramontina’s BBQ book

Tramontina, a Brazilian kitchenware company, founded by two knife-making Italian immigrants more than a century ago, is a global brand that even has an Australian branch.

To promote its 17,000 item product range, advertising angency JWT Brazil decided to play on the country’s obsession with barbecue – churrasco, as it’s known in Portuguese – and produce a cookbook.

But The Bible of Barbecue (Biblia Definitiva Do Churrasco) is a cookbook like you’ve never scene before. Just 50 have been made and it’s not so much a collection of recipes as the implements you need to cook with, with the cover made of wood, which converts to a chopping board, and the inside pages include a sheet of charcoal, paper to tear out and light the fire, another to fold to fan the flames, one made of foil to wrap baked potatoes, a page you can sharpen knives on, one that unfolds into an apron, another laced with seasoning and there’s even a placemat.

Twenty copies of the cooking bible will go to lucky Tramontina customers and the rest to some of Brazil’s top BBQ chefs. The agency is also producing 20,000 copies of a simplified version to sell, but the bad news is a spokesperson for Tramontina in Australia said that despite already having a few enquiries, there are no plans to send any copies out here.

In the meantime, watch this cooking “demonstration” with the Bible of Barbecue

* Hat tip to Anthony Puharich of Vic’s Meats

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