WATCH: This Austrian Just Skydived From 13.5 Miles Above The Ground

In the levels of craziness, we tend to consider the act of skydiving pretty high up there. No matter what safety equipment you have, if something goes wrong during the free fall, it will go very wrong.

Austrian Felix Baumgartner decided to take that risk and just jumped from a manned capsule 71,580 feet above the ground. Unsurprisingly, he is sponsored by Red Bull.

That’s just over 13.5 miles. He hit speeds of just under 400 miles per hour. And amazingly, he didn’t die.

But this was just a test. He is planning on going up to 90,000 feet for his next jump.

We think he’s just going to keep jumping until he actually disintegrates in the air.

Check out the scene from high above the Earth below (via YouTube):

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