WATCH: This 6-metre great white is the biggest shark ever caught on camera

Footage from off the coast of Mexico of a 6-metre (20ft) greatwhite shark has experts saying it’s the largest beast every caught on camera.

Shark researcher Mauricio Hoyos Padilla shared the footage of the 50-year-old female shark on Facebook on Monday.

Found near Mexico’s Guadalupe Island, her name is Deep Blue and experts say she looks pregnant.

Padilla says spotting the monster shark gave him “hope” that conservation efforts are working.

“Deep Blue has been spared from the longlines and the inherent dangers of being in the wild, and somehow she has found her way in the vast ocean,” he said.

“This amazingly enormous female is carrying several little baby white sharks, just waiting to be swimming free in the ocean.”

Here’s the video.

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