Watch these skydivers play the most epic Quidditch game you've ever seen in real life

Photo: Screenshot/ YouTube.

A telco in Columbia has created a commercial that turns every Harry Potter fan’s dream into reality — playing Quidditch.

Without any use of special effects, people can be seen flying through the sky on broomsticks trying to throw the Quaffle through a hoop.

Photo: Screenshot/ YouTube.

The magic behind it? They’re skydiving.

Norman Kent, an aerial director of photography for the commercial for ETB says it was a “pleasure” to work on. “The concept is amazing,” he said.

Photo: Screenshot/ YouTube.

“I got a chance to travel to Colombia to work with Plan 9 Films on a super cool concept,” he says on his website.

“A commercial for ETB Colombia with Jaime Tristancho and his team of jumpers with a Harry Potter feel, with flying brooms and all! What fun! It was interesting seeing them flying their brooms on a game of Quidditch. Got to love it.”

Photo: Screenshot/ YouTube.

Kent has an entire photo reel of the shoot here.

Now, watch the epic commercial in full.

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