WATCH: The Wife In The Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal Stars In This Racy Lingerie Video

Liberty Ross, the beautiful 33-year-old former British Vogue cover girl and current mother of two, is the women involuntarily at the centre of this week’s epic cheating scandal between her husband, director Rupert Sanders, and her “Snow White and the Huntsman co-star, 22-year-old Kristen Stewart.

But as we can see from the below video from September 2007 featuring the model for British lingerie line Damaris, Ross is a force to be reckoned with.

(Warning: NSFW)

Despite Ross’ husband issuing a public apology to her and her family, the model/actress has yet to speak out. Well, other than an image she—or someone pretending to be her—posted on Instagram of a drunken, cartoon Snow White guzzilng a beer bottle, with the caption: “Not so pretty or so pure after all ….”

The image has since been removed and the account made private, while Ross deleted her Twitter account after simply tweeting “WOW” after news of the cheating scandal broke. Us Weekly, who broke the story, was the last handle Ross followed before shutting her account down.

But it appears Ross and Sanders had experienced marital strife even before Stewart came into the picture.

In a recent interview with YOU Magazine, excerpted by The Daily Mail, Ross stated the couple had endured “really hard times” throughout their 10-year marriage.

I romanticized domesticity for a while, and loved having a shopping list of groceries stuck to the fridge for the first time. But moving here and starting a life all over again was a lot harder than I had anticipated. I just didn’t think it would be as isolating and daunting as it turned out to be … I would never say out loud that I am raising my children alone, but a lot of the time it has felt like that. I went from the glamour of working with Karl Lagerfeld and John Galliano to living on an isolated hilltop, with my husband gone most of the time.

But Ross ended the interview by saying of her relationship with her husband, “But that’s why everything feels so amazing now. We rode through the really hard times and we stuck it out.”

We’ll see if the couple can stick this one out. Sanders hopes so, as he stated in his public apology, “I am praying that we can get through this together.”

 Watch another more recent video featuring Ross for clothing line Tucker’s Spring/Summer 2012 campaign, playing a jilted Hollywood starlet.

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